Nearby attractions and towns to Nieder Weisel.

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BUTZBACH - (closest town to Nieder-Weisel)
The town has a picturesque market square with beautiful Town Hall (c.1500s), a stone fountain and many half-timbered houses, some dating back to 14th-century. City Hall is still used today and there are stone memorials from Roman and medieval times on display.
Remnants of old fortified wall which surrounded the city including a Witches Tower.

Butzbach Museum
This excellent Museum is well worth visit. - Very interesting website for Butzbach (but unfortunately all in German)!
However, there is a link to the Museum .. if you scroll down to Museum and open ‘Museumnsrundgang you will get photos of inside displays in museum.
Open : Tues - Sunday 10-12 and 2-5. Closed all day Monday and also Saturday mornings.
Distance from Nieder Weisel : 2 km
Travel from Nieder-Weisel : By bus .. or a pleasant walk.

If you wondered about the ruins of an old castle across the fields to your right between N-W and Butzbach, it is even better closer up ! Great to wander around and lovely views of surrounding area.

ARNSBURG ABBEY (Kloster Arnsburg)
Arnsburg is one of the most beautiful monastic ruins in Europe. The abbey was founded in the year 1174 and the contrast between medieval ruins and baroque buildings contribute to Arnsburg’s special charm. The surrounding sites and attached buildings are equally interesting.
Distance from Nieder-Weisel : 12 km N-W near Lich
Travel from Nieder Weisel : By car – public transport difficult.

This extremely interesting and beautifully laid out open air museum will take you thru more than 400 years of history. It offers a vivid impression of how people lived and worked in the past. More then 100 restored buildings .. village square, church, half-timbered houses, workshops, farmhouses, presentations of craft and farming techniques. All buildings on the site once stood in real towns or villages somewhere in Hess. All were in disrepair and were dismantled, restored and rebuilt in the Park.
Opening hours : 9.00am–6.00pm daily
Admission Fees : Adults 5.00 Euro ($A7.70) Children over 6 yrs 2.70 Euro - Family ticket 11.00
Distance from Nieder-Weisel : 20 km S-W (North of Bad Homburg & south of Anspach)
Travel from Nieder Weisel : By car – public transport difficult

The world’s only reconstructed Roman Fort and archaeological museum. Gain a vivid picture of the Roman way of life within the fort with defensive walls, rampart walk, Roman kitchen, remains of bathhouse and cellars etc. The granary now houses a Museum.
Opening hours : 9.00am-6.00 pm daily
Admission Fees : Adults 5.00 Euro ($A7.70) / Reduced rate 3.50 Euro
Children : Under 6 yrs. free / (6-18yrs) 3.00 Euro - Family ticket 10.00 Euro
Distance from Nieder-Weisel : 16km S-W (North of Bad Homburg. south of Anspach)
Travel from Nieder-Weisel : By car – transport difficult.

The romantic town of Marburg, on the River Lahn, dates back to the 9th-century. and has a tradition of student life. Currently 20,000 students attend the University, founded in 1529. Marburg is dominated by a hill with a castle on top (great views). Below you can roam the small cobblestone streets of the old town, visit St Elizabeth’s Church and enjoy coffee in the beautiful marketplace.
Distance from Nieder-Weisel : 45km N
Travel from Nieder-Weisel/Butzbach : 1 hour by bus or train.

In Brandplatz in Giessen stands the 14th-century Altes Schloss housing the art gallery.
Distance from Nieder Weisel : 19km N of Nieder Weisel
Travel from Nieder Weisel/Butzbach : 30 min by bus or train

Attractive Spa town with Art nouveau bathhouse, Kurpark and Fountain Court.
Distance from Nieder Weisel : 7 km S-E
Travel from Nieder-Weisel/Butzbach : Approx 10 min by bus or train

Just south of Bad Nauheim is Friedberg, with a 14-15th-century castle, a Baroque country house set in a
beautiful garden and the Wetterau Museum (regional history since Roman times).
Distance from Nieder Weisel : 10 km S-E
Travel from Nieder Weisel/Butzach : Approx 10 min by train from Butzbach.

Today a wealthy spa town with many beautiful buildings. Large Casino, Spa and Siamese temple set in
attractive English style gardens. Bad Homburg was favoured by English nobility in 1880s, including
King Edward Vll (who introduced the Homburg Hat !)
Distance from Nieder Weisel : 18 km S-W
Travel from Nieder-Weisel/Butzbach : By car – public transport difficult.